Welcome to the first installment of the Fearless, Passionate, Powerful blog and podcast! I created this ethos, this way of life and I’ve put it to use within my life for several years now as a solution to a problem I was having. I was successful, yet miserable. I created goals and achieved them, only to experience a growing void within me I could not fill. I searched high and low for answers to give me peace, yet I felt further from it than when I started looking. In short, life was complicated, stressful and it was taking a physical toll on me by way of migraine headaches and sickness, and an emotional toll which was being taken out on my family.

Definition of ethos

the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution

After several years of this downward spiral, I came to a cross-roads and needed to change my life before I burned down everything I had worked for. In my failing attempts to fill the growing emptiness which was consuming me I had realized I was on the wrong track and continuing this course would lead to disaster. During this experience as I was trying to choose a new path, an upward path, I was delivered an angel. This angel came in the form of a conversation with a friend one day. One of those fleeting people in life who we don’t have in our lives for long, only a few brief days in this case, yet their impact resonates for years if not a lifetime.

We were discussing past civilizations and the strength by which many of them lived, and this left me a deep desire to experience something like this. Think of the Vikings for instance and the desire they had at the time of their death to finally be going to Valhalla. The faith in their Gods, the belief, the knowledge so complete the idea of fearing the afterlife was laughable. I couldn’t help but imagine the freedom of living a life when death is a gift. The zeal and passion one can exert from the deepest recesses of their being because they know, only good will come of it. Imagine a life where the worst possible outcome if everything goes totally against you; is unquestioned and immediate placement for eternity in heaven.

Fearless. Passionate. Powerful.

I am a church-less and religion-less by most societal standards. Yet my faith in a higher power as I experience it is deep, powerful, and always with me, within me. I left organized religion when I was a teenager and never looked back. Interestingly enough, my faith is rooted firmly today in the same foundation which caused me to walk away from it all those years ago. I left religion because God, (or by which-ever name you choose to address Divinity), was often portrayed to be vengeful and controlling; obey the rules set forth or face punishment and eternity in hell… A powerful God who controls all and is in charge of all, who oversees us all, yet is controlling and vengeful seems more like a third world dictator than a Divine deity.

As I now walk fearlessly in my faith I know God and experience this Divinity first hand on a daily basis. God indeed is all-powerful and is everywhere at all times, and I’ll go more in depth on this at a later time. I came back to God because he is all powerful, which is why I fled religion and at the time I fled God too. Back then I thought the church was God’s representation, you don’t have one without the other. Yet when I found God without the filter of the church, I experience the patience, peace and guidance he abundantly supplies without the scare tactics and consequence.

This is not to say all churches and religions are bad, they are not. I have no ill regard towards any religion or church or the members included. I simply am giving my experience and my perspective based upon my past, and where I am today. I am not in the business of judging others as I have not lived their life. People do things and choose things for a reason, typically to better themselves and those close to them. With this basic principle in mind, judging others has been a habit I thankfully quit.

I chose to change my life, to live by a simple mantra, a simple ethos to direct my thoughts, actions and all I am. Fearless in my faith, passionate in my pursuits, powerful in my impact on the world around me. This of course is easier said than done, yet I have learned many lessons on this path as I have consistently walked it, strayed from it, gotten back on track and continued again. One of the most important lessons thus far, is that life is a practice, in all that we do. When we fail to meet our own expectations, simply try again using the experience from the first attempt to make the second one better.

My life is now peaceful. It is clean, simplified and I am connected to my source in ways I didn’t even know existed before. I am still learning, and always will be, yet I am called now to share my experience and ethos with those who resonate with it.

This blog and podcast will be focused on telling the stories which lead me here, and also telling the stories of those who are on a similar path. We all have a story to tell, no matter how insignificant it may seem, each of our stories holds tremendous value for others. We don’t need to be CEO’s, millionaires, movie stars, politicians or social media influencers to deeply affect the life of the one person, or the thousand people, who are in need of hearing your story.

As I live my ethos everyday I will begin to share my stories and the stories of others as we walk this path to simplify life while optimizing our mind, body and spirit. The lessons learned by all will be different and applied into life differently. My intention is to provide tools though dialogue you can utilize in your own life, to effect a benevolent outcome. This will look differently for each person, yet the result will be the sum of the practice combined with consistency of application. Simply put, if you do the work, the results will come.

Please let me know your thoughts and and share with others if you feel the urge. If you have a story to tell please email me at

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