Our mission is to help people live more complete and fulfilled lives. We are fearless in our beliefs, passionate in our pursuits, powerful in our presence and impact on the world around us.

My Powerful Life, coaching:

Athletes and Entrepreneurs…

What do these two personality types have in common? A first hand knowledge of how vital consistency and effort is to long term success.

Optimizing all areas of our life requires consistency and effort. My Powerful Life is dedicated to those people who are eager to put in the work, and reap the rewards.

You already know, or at least have an idea of where you want to go in life, and what you want it to look like. You have the goal, the vision yet you are struggling to put it all together and make it happen. This is where I come in.

Imagine you embarking on an cross country road trip. You know where you are destined to end up on the opposite coast, you know which general direction you will drive to get there. Imagine you had two options, one was to hit the road only knowing which direction you are headed, not the route you will take. No GPS, no maps, no automated voice guidance system.

The other option is to use the GPS, plug in the coordinates and abide the guidance of the system. You will still drive, make the turns, stop for food and gas, and make your own choices along the way.

In both scenarios you arrive at your destination. The first one simply takes much longer and is more challenging than the direct GPS guidance.

I get to be the GPS on your trip. You can get where you are going without help from anyone. Or, you can take a much more direct approach to achieve the same thing more efficiently. You already have all the tools you need, I can help facilitate your use of them on your journey.

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This 6 week course will give you the tools to change your life and lifestyle. This course removes the fluff and goes directly to actionable concepts you can begin to apply on day 1.

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About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe men and woman can be the alpha physically, connected spiritually, while engaged emotionally. At Fearless. Passionate. Powerful we are on a mission to develop men and women who are optimized for all aspects of life in a more balanced manner.

Using a holistic approach to hone the tools in our natural “tool-kit” we focus on areas of weakness to build strength and proficiency, while also sharpening the blade of our strong points.

Start today with your free template of the Fearless Journal. If you’ve struggled to maintain a consistent journal practice, this journal is for you. Designed specifically for those who struggle with a consistent journaling or expression. This daily practice will take you between 20 and 30 minutes, and it is the single most powerful tool for experiencing powerful shifts in your life. It’s our gift to you, free now and always. Enjoy and please share your thoughts and experiences with us as you practice!


Mental Freedom

  • Learn how to fill the void within you.
  • We will get you un-stuck and moving quickly forward in life.
  • Achieve the results you have always wanted.
  • Create new and exiting experiences in your life, and the boldness to play big!
  • Learn to establish long term healthy relationships in all areas of life.
  • Embrace peace, and happiness without any qualifier being outcome dependent.

Spiritual Connection

  • Learn to balance work and life
  • Practice in faith and belief of your inner Divinity, our own internal support structure
  • Find your passion and purpose in life.
  • Begin to flow with life, instead of fighting against it.
  • Realize what is truly important, and simplify life.
  • Create time for yourself to reduce stress and increase your effectiveness.

Physical Optimization

  • Understand nutrition and practice new ways to fuel your body.
  • Move past aches and pains by understanding what you body is telling you.
  • Learn to create the time for self care, training, recovery and sleep.
  • Practice consistent and persistent habits to get you in the best mental and physical shape of your life.
  • Be powerful in your presence and impact on the world around you.

You only get as far as you go.

To learn more click the link below and let’s schedule a free introductory coaching call.

You have the tools to create the life you want. I can help facilitate how you use these tools to align and optimize you spirit, mind and body


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