At FPP we live our values every day through our spirit mind, and body based program. We’ve walked the path ourselves and will work with you to achieve your highest and best results, every day.

Our mission is to help men and women live more complete and fulfilled lives by being fearless in faith, passionate in our pursuits and powerful in our presence and impact on the world around us.

A decade ago Roger was an overweight father breaking into his middle ages by smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and lovin’ that dollar menu. He had found success in his professional life as well as his personal life being happily married to an amazing woman, and with an equally amazing daughter. Having provided a good home and solid career in place, Roger felt he should have been happy with the success he’d achieved in life. Except, inside all he felt is emptiness.

The bad diet and cigarettes where only symptoms of a much deeper issue which no amount of outer success would quell. In fact, the more outer success Roger had the larger the emptiness grew, until it became known to him only as The Void. This void pushed Roger to a breaking point which almost broke the life he had built to that point. His family and professional success certainly weren’t the problem, yet they nearly suffered the consequences of it.

Roger faced a choice, risk his marriage, job and everything he knew to find the root cause of this Void; or, lose all of it for certain as this Void grew larger and he became more frustrated and confused as it grew. He chose to risk everything, for the chance to save it. Luckily, his gamble paid off and he is still happily married, now with two amazing daughters and he and his wife have been married over 15 years.

After several years of focused healing mentally, spiritually and physically Roger has had more success than ever personally within his relationships. He has experienced greater success professionally, and has found internal peace within himself and enjoys each day as he describes it, as “another day in paradise”.

Roger enjoys being in the best shape of his life, has competed in weight-lifting competitions and has been over 10 years now without smoking, after quitting cold turkey (a thing he previously thought impossible to do).

Let’s build together.

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.

Michael jordan


We believe in a total health approach, dealing with the mental aspects of life, spirituality and incorporating physical fitness and nutrition. We work with clients to achieve a sustainable total life transformation which will last long after our program ends.

Our goal is to create long term practices in your life so you can effortlessly sustain them and adjust for success as life unfolds. We aim to educate (not indoctrinate) our clients so they can move on without us, though we’ll always be here for support.

We work with people at all levels, and meet you where you are. By asking detailed questions we build a matrix customized just for you as you begin to practice spirituality (non-religion based) fitness, nutrition and mental health on a daily basis. We adjust the plan as we work together to ensure lasting results based upon your feedback of what is working best, and what you enjoy doing.

As we have done this work ourselves we know how variable life can be, and the importance of consistency through flexibility. With well over a decade of experience in their respective fields we have the knowledge and experience to get you over the hump, fill that void, and get you on the journey to your most benevolent outcome. We do this because we know just how fulfilling life can be, and we know what it feels like to live life in a “less-than” state.

You only get as far as you go…